Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG Rive di Colbertaldo


Prosecco Superiore

Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita


Production area: The best areas of the Valdobbiadene Prosecco D.O.C.G. zone in the hamlet of Colbertaldo, in the commune of Vidor

Grape variety: Glera

Tasting notes

Appearance: bright straw yellow, with a creamy mousse
Nose: sweet floral notes of wisteria, along with fruity pear and apricot tones
Taste: mellow and fruity, with hints of pineapple and melon

Analytical data

Alcohol: 11,5% vol
Sugars: 12 g/l

Serving suggestions
Prosecco DOCG Rive di Colbertaldo is excellent as an aperitif, it is also ideal for drinking throughout a meal

Serving temperature: 6-8°C

How it is made

Rive di Colbertaldo is the “flagship wine” of Maschio dei Cavalieri.
The grapes selected for this wine are exclusively handpicked.
It is a true example of winemaking excellence, intended for the most discriminating of consumers.
The subzone gives the base wine an extract above the average for the denomination, conferring on the product a brilliant straw yellow color and a rounded, fruity flavor. It opens up on the nose with a triumph of aromas, reminiscent of pears, apricots and also faintly of tropical fruits.

Our winemaker

The “Rive” are the best areas in the Valdobbiadene Prosecco D.O.C.G. zone. In particular, Rive di Colbertaldo, a hamlet in the commune of Vidor, has the vineyards with the oldest vines, lying on the slopes on the left bank of the Piave, protected by the Alps and well exposed to sunlight.
Outstanding organoleptic characteristics are also guaranteed by the greater constraints that the production regulations impose on those who use the subzone denomination (Rive) – only available for sparkling Superiore wines – such as lower yields, exclusive origin in the locality indicated on the label and the obligation to declare the vintage of the wine.

Spumante cuvée

Classy – Attractive
The most frequently used version is of thick, dark glass. It has a pronounced “punt” at the bottom. It is typically used for fine, high-class sparklers, such as D.O.C.G. and Vintage wines.

Rive di Colbertaldo Prosecco DOCG Rive di Colbertaldo Prosecco DOCG