Sparkling wines: brut, extra dry and premium sparkling wines

True passion for bubbles reigns in the “heart” of our cellar: from the very beginning, the winery has always processed selected raw materials to obtain high quality semi-sparkling and sparkling wines. Maschio dei Cavalieri offers a wide range of sparkling wines – brut, sweet and extra dry – that exalt the characteristics of the autochthonous vines and bring the taste of the Venetian territory to the chalices of the whole world.

All our wines are the fruit of the skilful work performed by our oenologists who, with their “artist’s palettes,” choose grapes able to express all the characteristics of our unique and generous lands. This is how exclusive “works of art” are born, wines that carry the tastes of Glera, “Pinot – Bianco, Grigio and Nero – Raboso and Incrocio Manzoni in their very “heart”. The latter, a peculiarity of this territory, takes its name from Luigi Manzoni, dean of the famed Winemaking School of Conegliano, the oldest in Italy. Maschio dei Cavalieri interprets 2 of the 4 crosses (“Incroci”) created by the Professor: White Manzoni and Manzoni Moscato.
From our grapes we achieve the right match between bouquet, structure and elegance, a merit of our technology which is based on the processing of must conserved at very low temperatures to preserve their characteristics at best.

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