Sparkling wines and Spumante


Cantine Maschio boasts a long-standing tradition in the production of Italian semi-sparkling and sparkling wines.

The latter, in particular, are appreciated by consumers for their freshness and fragrance, and for the elegance of the packaging that makes them unique.

Many grapes are made into wine in this area, including Glera, Incrocio Manzoni, Pinot and Raboso.

Incrocio Manzoni, in particular, is the result of studies conducted in the 1930s by Professor Luigi Manzoni, head of the School of Conegliano, on genetic improvement of the vine.

These varieties create an ideal balance between aroma, structure and elegance. This is enhanced by our technology, which is based on the processing of musts stored at very low temperatures so as to preserve the characteristics of the grapes.

Fermentation takes place in special pressurized tanks in order to bring out the aromatic characteristics of our sparkling wines to the full. Refrigeration at the end of the process allows us to obtain wines with the desired amount of residual sugar, from the classic and mellow “Extra Dry” to the dry and more modern “Brut” style.

Maschio dei Cavalieri offers a range of sparkling wines for every occasion.

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