Prosecco Winery

The grapes from which the Maschio dei Cavalieri wines are made are picked in a natural way and pressed in the briefest time possible.

Cantine Maschio’s modern pneumatic presses ensure gentle extraction of the must from the grapes: only the must from the very first pressing is collected, the so-called “free-run juice”.

This is immediately refrigerated to avoid spontaneous fermentation and left to settle in order for us to obtain and use a product that is already naturally clear.

At Maschio tradition is important, but it is frequently updated.

The Maschio dei Cavalieri line is proof of this philosophy, offering bottles that are distinctive in shape and content, destined exclusively for restaurants and wine stores.

Grape Varieties

Maschio dei Cavalieri champions the indigenous varieties that are typical of the Veneto Region, such as Glera, which is used to produce Prosecco, as well as international varietals, such as Pinot, which have found an ideal habitat in this area.



The harvest period lasts from August to October and its timing depends on many factors; generally speaking, it is identified with the period in which the grapes have reached the desired degree of ripening, i.e. when in the berry the relationship between the percentage of sugar and that of acids has reached the optimum value for the type of wine to be produced.


Sparkling Wine Production and Bottling

Our semi-sparkling and sparkling wines are not produced with classic double fermentation: the alcohol and carbon dioxide are in fact “imprisoned” in the wine in the course of a single fermentation.


Awards and Accolades

Cantine Maschio has been working hard for over forty years to offer moments of pleasure to consumers of its wines.

The awards and reviews about our wines obtained both in national and international competitions are evidence of our success and demonstrate that Maschio dei Cavalieri belongs to the world-class elite for Prosecco and sparkling wines.