The heart of the cellar

When the wine relays emotions, passion and friendship.
When you discover a land, the Veneto region, in a sip of bubbles.
When you encounter excellence and style in just one bottle,
you have a Maschio dei Cavalieri sparkling wine in your glass.
“Our Heart makes the difference”.

The Maschio dei Cavalieri winery digs its root deep into passion and tradition, two words that embody the true soul and the “heart” of the cellar.
The company was established in 1973 by Bonaventura Maschio, who transformed the century-old, family distillery into an avant-garde winery with cutting-edge technology and production processes. It is renowned for the quality of its Prosecco DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) and DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin), and also for its elegant and distinct sparkling wines.
A calling par excellence which started, firstly, from its devotion to a region, amongst the hills and plains of the eastern Veneto region, and its raw materials. Our Maschio dei Cavalieri wines are produced from the processing of grapes that reveal the true “heart” of this production zone: the Glera grapes, used for our Prosecco DOC and Prosecco DOGC, Incrocio Manzoni in two interesting variants, its intriguing history and fascinating tastes, Pinot Grigio, Bianco and Nero, besides the red and lively Raboso.

The heart of the vineyard

The oenologists who create Maschio dei Cavalieri products have always worked with passion to enhance to the utmost the autochthonous vines lying east of the Veneto region. In this extraordinarily rich stretch of land we find the Glera grapes from which Prosecco DOC and DOCG are produced, as also the grand sparkling wines that come from renowned international grape varietals, such as Pinot Grigio, Bianco and Nero, which in this land stand for harmony and quality. In addition, we have the various Incrocio Manzoni versions, which are valued in our cellars as wines of great elegance.



Innovation is the “heart” of the quality of Maschio dei Cavalieri wines. A pursuit for excellence conducted with constancy, passion and extensive know-how applied to every phase of the winemaking process, from the vineyard to the bottling.
An intense work to achieve our unique and incomparable Prosecco and sparkling wines.
It is because we believe in change, to achieve the best results for everyone: ourselves, our wines and the splendid Venetian territory which provides us with its fruits.


Sparkling process and bottling

In the “heart” of a Maschio dei Cavalieri bottle we find thousands of fine and light bubbles, produced by meticulous and precise production and sparkling techniques. In our cellars sparkling wines are not created with the classic double fermentation: for us just one is sufficient! In fact, we have a very strict rule: we process the musts and not the wines, since only this method allows us to keep the freshness and fragrance of the grape’s juice intact. With the help of our great ally, the low temperatures, the musts are clarified, chilled and immediately stocked at a controlled temperature. For the sparkling phase, our oenologists have at their disposal a base with an elevated organoleptic value. This is where the life of the sparkling wine starts; when ready, it goes on to the next phase, the bottling. For wine people like us this is a fundamental and critical moment. In fact, we use special fillers, the so-called “isobaric machines”, which allow the filling of bottles to be done in a perfectly sterile environment: the product does not come in contact with the air. In this manner our Prosecco and sparkling wines preserve all the characteristic freshness and fragrance that were jealously guarded up to this stage.


Awards and ratings

For over 40 years, Cantine Maschio have worked tirelessly to give their consumers enjoyable moments. The awards and reviews on our wines obtained in national and international contests testify to the global success of Maschio dei Cavalieri’s Prosecco and sparkling wines.