Manzoni Moscato

Sweet Sparkling Wine

Production area: Selected vineyards of the Treviso region

Grape variety: Manzoni Moscato, a cross between Moscato D’Amburgo and Raboso

Tasting notes

Colour: rosé with orange shades
Perfume: citrus fruits, in particular pink grapefruit, and strawberries
Taste: pleasant and well balanced

Analytical data

Alcohol: 7% vol
Sugars: 60 g/l

Food pairings
Manzoni Moscato Sathià is ideal with dry pastries and fruit pies.

Serving temperature: 6-8°C

How it is made

Particular attention is dedicated to the viticulture technique of this vine and to the ripening time of the grapes.
The must thus obtained is fermented without undergoing particular treatments. Only the yeasts and temperature management make this delicious wine possible to be obtained, with its slightly sweet taste and fresh and light aromas, but of great character.

Our oenologist

It is a particular cross that encloses an acidic structure in subtle contrast with the sweet, remarkable and complex aftertaste.
The orange reflections are determinants for qualifying the presence of the Incrocio Manzoni Moscato 13.0.25.
The grape variety gives the aromatic notes typical of the Muscat of Hamburg, which emphasize the scents of rose and passion fruit, while the structure is enhanced by the body of the Raboso variety.

Manzoni Moscato Sathià sparkling wine Manzoni Moscato Sathià sparkling wine