Rosé Extra Dry

Sparkling Wine

Extra Dry

Production area: Selected vineyards from the best growing areas of Veneto

Grape variety: Red berry grapes

Tasting notes

Appearance: old rose, with a fine and persistent perlage
Nose: intense, with hints of yeast and a broad bouquet of roses and violets
Taste: fresh and full-flavored, with notes of strawberries and raspberries

Analytical data

Alcohol: 11,5% vol
Sugars: 14 g/l

Serving suggestions
The sparkling wine Rosé Extra Dry is ideal as an aperitif, and excellent with light appetizers, risottos and white meats; try it also with desserts made with fruit and cream

Serving temperature: 6-8°C

How it is made

Particular attention is paid to the selection of the musts for the production of this sparkling wine, in which the finesse of Pinot Bianco macerated on the skins is combined with the force of the Pinot Nero and Raboso vinified without any skin contact. There is therefore very little color extraction, which makes this wine unique.

Our winemaker

The characteristics of the grape varieties used are expressed in a cuvée that is the perfect synthesis of the intentions of our winemaking team.
The blend has the backbone and tangy flavor of Raboso and the velvety tannins of Pinot Nero, while on the nose emerge the floral notes of Pinot Bianco and the fruitiness of Pinot Nero, thus creating an elegant balance of aromas and flavors.

Spumante Cuvée:

Classy – Attractive
The most frequently used version is of thick, dark glass. It has a pronounced “punt” at the bottom. It is typically used for fine, high-class sparklers, such as D.O.C.G. and Vintage wines.

Rosé Extra Dry Rosé Extra Dry