Sparkling process and bottling

In the “heart” of a Maschio dei Cavalieri bottle we find thousands of fine and light bubbles, produced by meticulous and precise production and sparkling techniques. In our cellars sparkling wines are not created with the classic double fermentation: for us just one is sufficient! In fact, we have a very strict rule: we process the musts and not the wines, since only this method allows us to keep the freshness and fragrance of the grape’s juice intact. With the help of our great ally, the low temperatures, the musts are clarified, chilled and immediately stocked at a controlled temperature. For the sparkling phase, our oenologists have at their disposal a base with an elevated organoleptic value. This is where the life of the sparkling wine starts; when ready, it goes on to the next phase, the bottling. For wine people like us, this is a fundamental and critical moment. In fact, we use special fillers, the so-called “isobaric machines”, which allow the filling of bottles to be done in a perfectly sterile environment: the product does not come in contact with the air. In this manner our Prosecco and sparkling wines preserve all the characteristic freshness and fragrance that were jealously guarded up to this stage.